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Harry and Niall at Jay’s wedding - 7/20

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where’s zayn?


where’s zayn?

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Harry Styles shows off his tattooed torso at GQ and Warner Music bash

Harry Styles was more than happy to show off his tattooed chest as he attended the Warner Music and GQ party on Thursday. The One Direction star made a typically stylish arrival to the bash held at Shoreditch House as he sported a casual look for the event.

Harry, 20, put his body art on display in a buttoned down blue shirt which he teamed with black skinny jeans and brown ankle boots. 

Naturally, Harry sported some trendy headgear as he tucked his famous brown curls into a wide brim-hat for the event.

It seems the heartthrob might be putting his party days behind him as a partygoer revealed his tame behaviour inside the bash.

Speaking to MailOnline, the source said: ‘He turned up to the Warner and GQ summer party but didn’t even seem to make use of the free bar and instead was the perfect gentleman, letting the ladies ahead of him in the packed queue.

‘He mingled outside and enjoyed the view from the rooftop before moving downstairs to join comedian pal Jack Whitehall (who was looking worse for wear) and his girlfriend Gemma Chan and a large, rowdy group of friends but he seemed to take a backseat.

‘All his mates were calling in rounds of shots and having a good time but Harry shunned the drinks in favour of a quiet chat with a male friend.

‘He also spent a lot of the night texting. He headed home at around 1am when the party was very much still going. He was so polite and did the rounds giving everyone a hug and kiss.’

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@NiallOfficial: guys ! check out the bottle for You and I !!

@NiallOfficial: guys ! check out the bottle for You and I !!

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Harry with fans in London 16/7/2014

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@rachelsneade: @CEJervis with @Harry_Styles today 

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Harry + fans, July 13-15 x/x/x/x

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beautiful girls/stand by me



one direction (mostly niall and liam) singing beutiful girls/stand by me in madrid [11/07/2014]

Zayn and Perrie sharing a loving embrace at her birthday funfair

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